Analysis for Process and Environmental Compliance

Company Headquarters: City of Industry, California USA
Facility: 60,000 sq. ft. / ISO-9001:2008
Founded: 1945
Core Capabilities: Manufacturer of high quality measurement and control instrumentation.


Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality gas and liquid analyzers. With over 50 years of experience, Teledyne’s product line includes electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom systems which combine expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering. TAI provides scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems.

Water Quality Products/Capabilities include:

TAI’s Series 6650 UV Fluorescence Fiber Optic-based Oil in Water Monitor provides real-time, continuous analysis of Total Hydrocarbons, Oil & Grease (TOG) for environmental and process control purposes from 0-1ppm to 0-2500ppm. Typical applications include monitoring the content of oil in produced water on offshore oil rigs and FPSO’s, rig-wash and refinery rainwater run-off to waterways, ship ballast discharge and boiler steam condensate.


TAI’s Series 6700 On-Line TOC Analysis Systems offer a highly reliable detection of all organic carbon species to ensure compliance with environmental regulations concerning the discharge of industrial pollutants into oceans and rivers. TAI’s Dual-Method TOC Analyzer, which combines Ozone & UV Persulfate Oxidation techniques, provides the end-user with an extremely thorough TOC recovery capability to ensure water quality initiatives are met.

TAI’s LXT Series of pH, Dissolved O2, Conductivity, ORP, Free Chlorine and Specific Ion (NH3, H2S, etc) loop-powered transmitters offer an affordable, robust water quality solution for treated and untreated boiler feed water (BFW), demineralized water, neutralization & flocculation tanks, and aeration basin applications. TAI differentiates itself from its competitors by providing its users with the ability to replace their electrodes in lieu of having to invest in costly replacement of their entire sensor. TAI also offers FM-approved explosion-proof transmitters for use in hazardous areas.