Monitoring Oceanographic Situations           

Company Headquarters: Falmouth, Massachusetts USA
Facility: 26,000 sq. ft.
Founded: 1981
Core Capabilities: designs and manufacturers scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring.


Teledyne Webb Research designs and manufactures scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring. Teledyne Webb Research specializes in three areas of ocean instrumentation:           

  • Neutrally buoyant, autonomous drifters and profilers
  • Autonomous underwater gliding vehicles
  • Moored underwater sound sources

Water Quality Products/Capabilities include:

A glider is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) driven by a buoyancy engine capable of long-term deployment for measuring oceanographic parameters.

The Slocum Glider is a uniquely mobile network component capable of moving to specific locations and depths and occupying controlled spatial and temporal grids. Driven in a sawtooth vertical profile by variable buoyancy, the glider moves both horizontally and vertically.

The long-range and duration capabilities of Slocum gliders make them ideally suited for subsurface sampling at the regional scale. Carrying a wide variety of sensors, they can be programmed to patrol for weeks at a time, surfacing to transmit their data to shore while downloading new instructions at regular intervals, realizing a substantial cost savings compared to traditional surface ships.